Project I. Caloric restriction to slow down brain aging

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(1) Caloric restriction impedes age-related decline of mitochondrial function and neuronal activity.  

(2) Caloric restriction increases ketone bodies metabolism and preserves blood flow in aging brain.  

(3) Early Shifts of Brain Metabolism by Caloric Restriction Preserve White Matter Integrity and Long-Term Memory in Aging Mice.  

(4) Caloric restriction preserves memory and reduces anxiety of aging mice with early enhancement of neurovascular functions.  

(5) Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Caloric Restriction on Brain Metabolic and Vascular Functions


Project II. Pharmacological intervention to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

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(1) Chronic rapamycin restores brain vascular integrity and function through NO synthase activation and improves memory in symptomatic mice modeling Alzheimer’s disease

(2) How longevity research can lead to therapies for Alzheimer’s disease: The rapamycinstory.  

(3) Rapamycin rescues vascular, metabolic and learning deficits in apolipoprotein E4 transgenic mice with pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease. 

(4) mTOR: Alzheimer’s disease prevention for APOE4 carriers.


Project III. Modulate gut microbiome to protect brain functions

(1) Age Drives Distortion of Brain Metabolic, Vascular and Cognitive Functions, and the Gut Microbiome.   

(2) Ketogenic diet enhances neurovascular function with altered gut microbiome in young healthy mice.


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