Current Members

  • Jared Hoffman, M.S. (PhD candidate in Nutritional Sciences)
  • Scott Thalman (MD/PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering)
  • Tyler Hammond (MD/PhD student in Neuroscience)
  • Lucy Yanckello (PhD student in Nutritional Sciences)
  • Mengfan Xia (PhD student in Pharmacology)
  • Shawn Burden (Undergraduate in Neuroscience)
  • Sydney Sun (Dunbar MSTC high school student)
  • Brian She (Dunbar MSTC high school student)
  • Ashley Su (Dunbar MSTC high school student)


Former members (current place)

  • Rachel Armstrong (Northwestern University Medical School)
  • Max Baker (University of Kentucky Medical School)
  • Chase Thornton (University of Kentucky Medical School)
  • Janet Guo (Emory University)
  • Amy Wang (Harvard University)
  • David Ma (Harvard University)
  • Jennifer Lee (Williams College)
  • Ishita Parikh, PhD (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)
  • Vikas Bakshi (Charles River Laboratory, MA)


Lab Photos


2016 Celebration PartyLin-Lab_3

2017 Celebration PartyLin-Lab-2017

2018 Dunbar High School Math, Science and Technology Center partyIMAG2366_2

In the lab — 7T Clinscan MRI animal scannerScreen Shot 2017-12-18 at 3.28.06 PM 

AAIC-2018 in Chicago, ILAAIC-2018_2.jpg


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