Current Members

  • Tyler Hammond (MD/PhD candidate in Neuroscience)
  • Lucy Yanckello (PhD candidate in Nutritional Sciences)
  • Ya-Hsuan Chang (PhD student in Nutritional Sciences)
  • Xin Xing (PhD student in Computer Science)
  • Subash Khanal (PhD student in Computer Science)
  • Andrew Yackzan (Master student in Medical Sciences)
  • McKenna Sun (Dunbar MSTC high school student)
  • Anna Chen (Dunbar MSTC high school student)

Former members (place after the lab)

  • Scott Thalman, MD, PhD (Residency, University of Kansas, KS)
  • Ashley Su (Yale University, CT)
  • Sydney Sun (UPenn, PA)
  • Brian She (UC Berkeley, CA)
  • Jared Hoffman, PhD (Medpace Inc., OH)
  • Ishita Parikh, PhD (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, OK)
  • Janet Guo (Emory University, GA)
  • Amy Wang (Harvard University, MA)
  • David Ma (Harvard University, MA)
  • Jennifer Lee (Williams College, MA)
  • Max Baker (University of Kentucky Medical School, KY)
  • Chase Thornton (University of Kentucky Medical School, KY)
  • Rachel Armstrong (Northwestern University Medical School, IL)
  • Vikas Bakshi (NYU Langone Medical Center, NY)

Lab Photos

McKenna Sun- 2021 Kentucky State Science Fair 1st place award!!

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